Pros and Cons of Massage Chairs and Cushions

Whether you are a doctor or a primary school teacher, whether you are an athlete or a stay-at home mom, what everyone needs after a tiring day is some private time for them when they can let go of all the troubles and simply relax with some of their favorite music. Isn’t it true? A good massage is exactly what you will need most to take all the stress and tensions away and prepare you for a fresh day. If you are thinking you would need a skillful spouse or a massage therapist for a good massage you are wrong. In the technological world of today where there are machines for everything, you get a wide variety of equipment which is easily capable of providing you with a good massage without the help of any other human.

You could go for the more costly but effective options like a full-body massage chair if you are not restricted on budget or space and you could also go for cheaper options like a massage cushion. If you are having trouble making a choice between the two types of massing tools, here are some of the pros and cons of using each:

Massage Chairs:

If you are suffering from a medical condition for example arthritis, back pain or cancer, a massage chair can help relieve most if not all of your pain. Many people also opt for a massage chair if they are going through some serious stress or depression. There are many options available from the highly sophisticated ones with a variety of massaging options and features to cheaper ones which don’t offer as much features but will help you relax in it.


  1.       Most massage chairs will offer a range of different massaging options including Swedish massage, Shiatsu and many others.
  2.       They will also include many other attractive features for example Zero Gravity feature, reclining positions and heating pads.
  3.       It can allow users of a range of different sizes to sit and relax in it.


  1.       Most of the good quality massage chairs that you will find are quite expensive.
  2.       They are generally quite bulky and will require a large space for installation and operation.

Massage Cushions:

Massage cushions are a popular alternative which will not require you to spend a lot of your money in making the purchase neither will they take a lot of space in your living room. Although the massage cushions and massage chair pads may also include multiple features and massaging options depending on the money you spend but will generally not be as effective as the massage chairs.


  1.       Massage cushions and massage chair pads are portable and easy to carry so that you can take them along to your workplace or in the car.
  2.       They are much more affordable than massage chairs.


  1.       They won’t provide as much coverage as a full body massage chair therefore not as effective.
  2.       Features like Zero Gravity and reclining positions are not possible with a cushion or a chair pad.